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Glenelg Orthopaedics

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Breaks & Fractures

  • Wrist Breaks

     Plate and screws used to repair a broken radius bone showing up on a xray picture

    Fractures (Breaks) of the Wrist including Scaphoid Fractures

    What are common injuries seen around the wrist?

    Perhaps the most common injury we would see are fractures of the distal radius (wrist) … more

  • Fractured / Broken Shoulders

    Filed under: Shoulder


    Why do these fractures demand a specific web page to outline?

    Fractured shoulders are unique. Because of the complexity of the joint being surrounded by muscles/ tendons, in the past they have had … more

  • Elbow and Radial Head Fractures

    Filed under: Elbow, Patient Information


    Treating Elbow and Radial Head Injuries

    What is the most common fracture seen?

    At Glenelg Orthopaedics we commonly encounter radial head fractures. The forearm is made up of two bones; the radius … more