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Latest Video on hand fractures and new General Practitioner page

Sunday, April 1, 2018 1:32:58 PM

Filed under: Presentations

 General Practitioner's desk


I hope the Easter Long Week-end brings good health and a time for reflection/ relaxation with family and friends.

It has given me a chance to work on my surfing and also post a new video to the webpage.

I was recently asked to present my approach to wrist and finger fractures and whilst such a video could go easily for 1 hour, I have restricted it to 7 mins 33 seconds of some of the more common injuries. I hope this is useful and please do not hesitate to contact me is you have a request for another topic to present at [email protected] .

I have also taken this oppotunity to divide the videos into those intended for General Practitioner Education ( such as this one ) which is now on a page on its own under the about menu, as well as those intended for patients which is under patient information.