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Preparation for Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

Filed under: Patient Information


Following your shoulder surgery, hygiene is very important because due to lack of movement of your shoulder you will be more prone to sweating and fungal infections in the axilla (armpit).  It is also worth considering that you may not be able to wear your usual clothes.  It is a good idea to be prepared before your surgery so you don’t have to go shopping as soon as you are out of hospital. 

  • Do use an antibacterial soap daily, eg Sapoderm or Gamophen.
  • Do use an effective, fast drying deodorant, spray on usually dries faster.
  • Do use a tinea powder, ( non -spray type), which will help absorb moisture and reduce chance of a fungal infection such as thrush).
  • Do wear loose fitting clothes, pants that are easy to pull up one handed and shirts that button up the front, or loose fitting t shirts ( short sleeve, not singlets) as want material in armpit region (axilla).
  • Ladies may find a pull on or front fastening bra works better.